Video-explainer: BBC from abroad

Take a look at this 2-minute video which will explain to you how to watch BBC from abroad easily and quickly. The instructions are so easy that even beginners can get it done, and you can watch BBC wherever you might be in the world in a couple of minutes from now if you follow them. Visit the ExpressVPN website I hope you have watched the video and that you… Read More »

Can I watch England – Sweden on BBC from abroad?

I am currently in Barcelona and get an error message as I try to watch BBC. Is it possible to watch England -Sweden on BBC from abroad? Who would ever leave the country when England has qualified for a quarter-final in the World Cup? Now that is a good question, but who could know that England would qualify? Based on their performance in the last international tournaments that would be… Read More »

FIFA World Cup 2018 matches on BBC

Are you a big fan of BBC, and love watching football on the channel? Here is a list giving you the matches that will be aired by BBC during this summers world cup. If you take at the list beneath you will see a list of all the group stage matches that will be played. Those matches in bold will be aired on BBC, while the rest of the matches… Read More »

How to watch the Winter Olympics on BBC from abroad?

Would you like to watch the Winter Olympics on BBC from abroad? It is quite easy, and this is how it can be done! The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics opening ceremony is held on February 9th, and the event will last till February 25th. In this period there will be lots of fantastic events taking place, and in the UK, BBC will stream the event online. It is a lack of… Read More »

Get ready for the FIFA World Cup on BBC!

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is less than five months away, and people are already getting excited about the event. In the UK BBC and ITV will air the event together! England has not been very successful in the last international tournaments. They have played some good matches, but then they lose the important matches and leave the tournaments way too early. Can the World Cup in Russia in 2018… Read More »