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How to watch Bodyguard on the BBC website?

Would you like to watch the Bodyguard movie with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner on the BBC website? It cannot be done! But, if you want to watch the Bodyguard TV series from 2018 with Richard Madden, Sophie Rundle, Vincent Franklin, Ash Tandon, and more on the BBC website, read on! I have just finished watching all six Bodyguard episodes, and I fell in love with the series after a few… Read More »

Sherlock is back on BBC

Have you been waiting for Sherlock season 4 for a long time? The time of waiting is over and you can now watch the new episodes as they arrive weekly Unlike most other TV series the new Sherlock episodes will not come every week for a long time. The first episode premiered on BBC on January 1st in 2017 and we can expect a new episode on January 8th and… Read More »

BBC and the Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards 2016 will be handed out on September 18th in the USA. Unfortunately the event can only be followed on ABC in the USA, but if you have some patience you can watch it on-demand on September 19th. As a BBC fan you have lots of reasons to watch the Emmy Awards. I would love to watch the ceremony myself, but since an ABC subcsription in the USA… Read More »