How to watch BBC on mobile or tablet abroad?

By | May 2, 2016

Want to watch BBC on mobile abroad? Want to watch BBC on your Android or on your iOS device (iPhone / iPad)? This is how it is done!

If you are located abroad and want to watch BBC on your iPhone, iPad or Android tablet or phone, then that can be done quite easily. If you already have the BBC iPlayer installed on your iPad, iPhone or Android device then half the job is already done, but if not, then you will have to download the application first, something that can seem hard, but truly is easy. To watch BBC on mobile or tablet abroad using the BBC iPlayer you will for sure need to follow step one.

Step one – get a UK IP address

This step is a step you will need to make no matter what if you want to watch BBC on mobile abroad. The reason is that the BBC broadcasts (live or on demand) are only available to people in England. So, to get access to them you will need to have an English IP address something you can get using the VPN services of HideMyAss (an English company).

Visit HideMyAss website

You just sign up for their services at their websites, then visit Google Play Store or Apple Store to download their client. Then you add your username and password and connect to a server in England. That is how it is done. You now have a UK IP address and if you already have the BBC iPlayer application you are now ready to watch!

watch bbc iplayer on mobile

Step two – if you need to get hold of BBC iPlayer as well!

If you do not already have the BBC iPlayer application installed on your iPhone, iPad or Android device then you will need to follow these instructions as well to get hold of the application.

BBC iPlayer on iOS systems (iPhone and iPad).

To get the application on your iPhone and iPad you will need to create a brand new Apple ID. Make sure to create the ID registered with a UK address. Once you have created your new Apple ID log out with your current Apple ID and log in with your new Apple ID. You can then re-visit Apple Store and you will then get access to the UK store and thus download BBC iPlayer. Once you have it downloaded you can watch BBC on iPhone and iPad abroad.

Notice that you will still need the HideMyAss VPN connection running as the UK IP address is needed to actually watch BBC from abroad.

Visit HideMyAss website

BBC iPlayer on Android systems

Here you will need to download the HideMyAss application from Google Play Store and connect to a server in England. Then you need to open the Google Play Store settings (Settings – Applications – Google Play Store). Then you select Storage and Clear Data.

Now you can open Google Play Store again and search for BBC iPlayer and download it. You are then ready to watch and enjoy BBC online on your mobile device from all across the world.

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